Catch up… Callum at Drivetime with guest Sarah Hayward “Paint The Town” 27 Jun 23


Callum was joined by Sarah Hayward who is part of Brathay Trust and BarrowFull, talking about the incredible “Paint The Town” project, led by BarrowFull. Get ready to dive into the captivating discussion about this transformative initiative that is giving parts of Barrow a vibrant facelift!

“Paint The Town” brings together talented artists and passionate individuals from the community to create stunning murals that bring a splash of color and creativity to empty spaces across Barrow. It’s a project that aims to provide every person in the town with the opportunity to experience and be inspired by the beauty of arts and culture in their local community.

Don’t miss the chance to hear more about the vision, process, and impact of “Paint The Town” as Louise Bryning shares her insights and updates on the project.

Listen again to Drivetime with Callum MacWhannel and be inspired by the transformative power of art and community collaboration.

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