Catch up… Andrea in the Afternoon with Annabelle Holloway, St Mary’s Hospice 31 Jan 24

In a heartwarming session of “Catch Up with Andrea in the Afternoon” on CandoFM, our local community radio, we had the pleasure of hosting Annabelle Holloway, Area Fundraising Manager for St Mary’s Hospice. It was an enlightening conversation that shed light on the crucial role St Mary’s Hospice plays in our community.

The Lifeline of Support: St Mary’s Hospice

Annabelle shared the invaluable support St Mary’s Hospice provides to the community. It’s a beacon of hope and care for many, offering compassionate services to those in need. The hospice is a place where warmth and understanding meet the needs of individuals and families during challenging times.

Funding the Heart of the Community

A significant part of our discussion focused on how St Mary’s Hospice is funded. It’s a testament to the community’s spirit, as the hospice primarily relies on the generosity and support of local individuals, businesses, and groups. This community-driven support is the backbone that allows the hospice to continue its essential work.

Area-Specific Roles: United in Mission

The roles of Annabelle and her colleague Heidi, who cover different areas, are pivotal. Annabelle focuses on Ulverston, Grange-Over-Sands, and South Lakes, while Heidi takes care of Barrow, Dalton, and Millom. They both work tirelessly to support the kind-hearted people who dedicate their time and efforts to fundraise for this noble cause.

Empowering Fundraisers: A Helping Hand

One of the highlights of Annabelle’s talk was how St Mary’s Hospice assists fundraisers. They offer not just moral support, but also practical help like fundraising tips, hospice literature, collection buckets, and even hospice-branded t-shirts. This support is crucial for those looking to make a difference through their fundraising activities.

An Open Invitation to Support

Annabelle emphasized that their doors are always open for anyone currently fundraising, thinking about fundraising, or just wanting to learn more about supporting the local hospice. This inclusive approach embodies the community spirit that drives St Mary’s Hospice.

Reach Out and Make a Difference

For those inspired to contribute, Annabelle encourages reaching out via email at Whether it’s to start a fundraising campaign or just to learn more about how you can help, they are there to guide and assist you in your journey of support.

In conclusion, our session with Annabelle Holloway was not just informative but deeply inspiring. It reminded us of the power of community and the difference we can make when we come together for a common cause. Let’s rally behind St Mary’s Hospice and continue to support the invaluable work they do for our community.

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