Carer’s Leave Act 2023 comes into force, benefitting thousands of unpaid carers in Barrow and Furness

The Carer’s Leave Act 2023 comes into force this week on Saturday 6 April 2024, giving people who provide care to a family member, friend or relative the right to up to five days of unpaid leave from work to fulfil their caring responsibilities.


Simon Fell MP supported this legislation in Parliament and is delighted that 4,276 of unpaid carers in Barrow and Furness will now have access to these new workplace rights.


According to research from Carers UK, up to 2.3 million employees across Great Britain could benefit, while over 1 million employers will have to implement this right for their workforce.


The legislation has been supported by businesses, employers, professional bodies, charities, local authorities, unions and unpaid carers.


The Act will enable employees in Great Britain who provide care to someone who is disabled, older, or seriously ill to take up to five days off work each year to arrange or provide care. Having this additional flexibility will help unpaid carers to cope with the challenging task of balancing employment alongside their unpaid caring responsibilities.


Carers UK estimates that, on average, 600 people a day have to give up work in order to care for older, ill or disabled relatives and friends due to a lack of support and flexibility in the workplace.


Leading employers who already offer Carer’s Leave to their employees also say that this kind of support can help to deliver business benefits; improving productivity overall through better staff retention, by reducing recruitment costs, and by supporting employee wellbeing.


Simon Fell MP, said:


“I’ve been amazed by the things that carers across Furness do every day to look after friends, relatives and loved ones. Talking to Furness Carers during the pandemic really brought this home for me – it is essential that carers are provided as much support and resources as possible to ensure that they are able to do perform their roles to the best of their ability.


“The impact of what carers do is phenomenal. But the challenges of caring should not be underestimated – doing it without support can be tough. That’s why the Carer’s Leave Act 2023 is important and will help carers to recognise what carers do and provide that respite they so deserve.”


Carers UK is supporting both unpaid carers and employers to find out what this legislation will mean for them. Carers are encouraged to find out more information about their rights at work on the Carers UK website:


Employers can visit Carers UK’s business forum, Employers for Carers: Employers for Carers | Carers UK

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