CANDOFM has had an incredible year!

CANDOFM has had an incredible year! We’re proud to support local live music every hour! There have been hundreds of interviews with local community organisations and local people!, some fantastic community projects, a school’s radio programme, a young people’s music production course and an unforgettable Queen’s Platinum Jubilee event that we hope people will remember for years to come.
We want to thank all the businesses who have supported, us by choosing to advertise and sponsor the station. The grant-making organisations who have funded our projects and all the organisations we have had the privilege to work with.
We are very grateful that the local community continues to listen and especially let us know what a good job all of our presenters do. CANDOFM presenters are all volunteers. They have created over 2,500 broadcast hours in 2022 driven by their passion for our local community. Without them, none of the station’s achievements would be possible.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Keep it CANDO in 2023!

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