CandoFM Collaborates with Local Author Tom Ashton to Bring Radio Play to Life


Community radio station CandoFM is thrilled to announce their collaboration with local author Tom Ashton to produce his play adapted for radio. The production, which is being adapted for radio by Sue de Gruyther, promises to be an exciting venture for both CandoFM and its listeners.

CandoFM was thrilled to collaborate with Tom Ashton on this project. As a community radio station, CandoFM is always looking for new and exciting ways to engage its listeners. The opportunity to produce Ashton’s play adapted for radio was a perfect fit. Auditions for the play were held at the CandoFM studio on November 9th, and the production officially started on March 16th.

The production team, which includes director Sue de Gruyther and a cast of local actors, is excited to bring Ashton’s play to life. The play, which has been adapted specifically for radio, promises to be an engaging and immersive experience for listeners.

CandoFM’s collaboration with Tom Ashton is a testament to the power of community radio. As a local radio station, CandoFM is uniquely positioned to showcase the talents of local artists and creatives. This collaboration not only provides a platform for Ashton’s work but also highlights the importance of supporting local artists and promoting their work.

The project is supported by Barrowfull.

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