Catch up… Callum MacWhannel at Drivetime will be local synthpop band Indigo Youth 2 Jan 24

Catch up with Callum MacWhannel for an exciting session with the local synthpop sensation – Indigo Youth. 🎹🎤

📢 What’s on the Agenda: Local synthpop band Indigo Youth will be in the studio, ready to share insights into their latest single, ‘Miss You.’ Get ready to dive into the creative process, the inspiration behind the music, and maybe even a sneak peek into what’s coming next!

🎶 About Indigo Youth: Known for their unique sound and captivating melodies, Indigo Youth has been making waves in the local music scene. If you’re a fan of synthpop or just looking for something fresh and exciting, this is an interview you won’t want to miss.

🔊 How to Listen: Make sure to tune in to CandoFM Drivetime today after 5 pm to catch all the vibes. Whether you’re a fan of Indigo Youth or just love discovering new music, this session promises to be a treat for your ears.

📻 Stay Tuned and Enjoy the Sounds of Indigo Youth on CandoFM! #CandoFM #LocalMusic #IndigoYouth #Synthpop #DrivetimeInterview



Indigo Youth

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