Catch up… Callum at Drivetime with guest Kelly Griffith “Streets of Furness” 3 Oct 23

🎶 Drivetime with Callum with a special musical treat! 🎤

Kelly Griffiths, daughter of Councillor Paul Griffiths, has transformed “The Streets of London” into “Streets of Furness” for the “Forty Winks of Furness” event. 🌟

Tune in to hear about Kelly’s touching rendition and the heartwarming story behind it. She’ll also discuss her connection to our community and the importance of supporting local charities. 🏘️

But that’s not all! Discover the inspiring “Forty Winks of Furness” event, where participants will spend a night at Barrow AFC Stadium to raise funds for Furness Homeless Support Group. 🛏️

Learn how you can make a difference and support this fantastic cause. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of something meaningful. 🙌

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