Bravery and professionalism recognised at Chief’s final awards ceremonies

Inspirational police officers and staff were recognised for their exceptional professionalism, integrity and dedication by the Chief Constable this week.


At ceremonies held on 17th and 18th May at the Roundthorn Hotel, Penrith, Chief Constable Michelle Skeer gave commendations and paid tribute to those who worked in the most challenging of circumstances on behalf of the public.


Officers and staff members recognised included:

  • Officers who swam out to rescue a woman at risk of drowning
  • An officers who has displayed exceptional commitment to helping and supporting survivors of domestic abuse
  • A team which responded to the scene of a fatal stabbing, securing evidence and performing CPR at the scene
  • A team which worked in difficult and challenging circumstances to secure a conviction following the death of a 13-month-old child
  • Officers who responded with compassion and professionalism to attempts by individuals to take their own lives



Chief Constable Michelle Skeer said: “This week it was once again my privilege to recognise the inspirational efforts of our officers and staff in the line of duty.


“Nationally, the worst actions of individuals in policing are often highlighted, rightly, in the media but those who exemplify the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, including risking their own life and well-being to help others, often go under the radar.


“As I prepare to leave the Constabulary after more than three decades, I can say that having the opportunity to recognise and publicise the outstanding work of our officers and staff – as well as those who have served the Constabulary and the community with distinction as part of the Long Service awards – has been something which has given me a great deal of pleasure and pride.


“I hope that everyone who received commendations this week is as proud of themselves as I am of them.”

Cumbria’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall, said: “Everyday officers and staff go above and beyond to keep the public safe and these awards are a fantastic snapshot that highlight their selfless dedication to keeping the public safe.


“Policing can be a really rewarding job, but it is also an extremely difficult job as officers do face the worst of society and circumstances throughout their career, often placing themselves in the line of danger to protect their communities.


“It is important that we acknowledge and celebrate the exemplary work that the Police do.


“I would like to congratulate and thank all the winners and nominees – these awards are genuinely deserved, and they should all be proud of their achievements.”

AWARDS: Trio who helped save life of man in crisis are commended by Chief Constable – Cumbria Constabulary

AWARDS: Officers were calm and professional in responding to traumatic incident – Cumbria Constabulary

AWARDS: Outstanding investigation in challenging circumstances commended by Chief Constable – Cumbria Constabulary

AWARDS: Police Constables who responded to fatal city centre stabbing recognised by Chief Constable – Cumbria Constabulary

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AWARDS: Group who worked to convict fraudulent doctor praised by Chief Constable – Cumbria Constabulary

AWARDS: Recognition for officer for work supporting and safeguarding domestic abuse survivors – Cumbria Constabulary

AWARDS: Detective Sergeant doggedly pursued man committing offences against children leading to significant jail sentence – Cumbria Constabulary

AWARDS: Pair commended after swimming out to prevent woman from drowning – Cumbria Constabulary

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AWARDS: Team recognised following conclusion of high-profile court case – Cumbria Constabulary

AWARDS: Commendations for team who worked to secure murder conviction – Cumbria Constabulary

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