Brand new show – “Autism and Us” with Emily Doran and April Thompson

Join us every Sunday from 2pm-3pm for a brand new show on Candofm Community Radio!

🌟 Introducing “Autism and Us” with Emily Doran and April Thompson! 🎙️

🧩 Life with hidden disabilities can be challenging, but Emily and April are here to shed light on the unique experiences and journeys of autistic individuals. Tune in as they delve into the world of navigating life with autism, sharing invaluable coping methods and discussing organizations that provide support for autistic individuals.

🗣️ Whether you’re autistic yourself, have a loved one on the spectrum, or simply want to learn more and promote inclusivity, this show is for you! 🌈

💡 Gain insights, discover resources, and find inspiration as we explore the many facets of living with hidden disabilities. Together, we can create a more understanding and compassionate society.

📻 Don’t miss “Autism and Us” every Sunday, starting this week, only on Candofm Community Radio!

🎧 Join the conversation and be a part of the change. Spread the word and let’s make a positive impact together! 🤝

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