Barrow Sixth Form Student Elected to UK Youth Parliament to Raise Awareness on Vaping

Barrow Sixth Form College student has been chosen to serve as deputy in the UK Youth Parliament. 
During his term in office, Christian Merritt, 17, will run campaign to increase public awareness of the potential health risks associated with vaping.
Christian will utilise his position to lessen the amount of young people who vape throughout the nation. Christian is pursuing A-Levels in politics, history, and law. 
He thinks that vaping is significant public health problem that is not discussed enough on national level.
The young person is worried that because vaping’s risks are less well-known than those of smoking and drinking, many individuals believe it to be healthy. 
His goal is to alter this belief and get young people to recognise the dangers that come with vaping.
Christian claimed that he ran for government in order to make changes on a larger scale than those that would only affect his college or local neighbourhood. He expects that this position would give him vital experience for his future career because one day he wants to be an MP.

The young people of Cumbria have put a lot of trust in him, and he continued, “I feel incredibly honoured to take on the role.”

Christian decided to attend Barrow Sixth Form College because it is one of the few institutions in the north-west that provides an A-Level in Politics. He thinks that serving as a deputy member of the UK Youth Parliament will give him a better perspective on the situation.

Beginning on April 1, Christian’s office term coincides with the establishment of the new constituency of Westmorland and Furness. He wants to spread the word about the risks associated with vaping and discourage young people from starting this habit.

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