Barrow Rejects Far-Right Ideology, Despite Visits from Anti-Migrant Groups

The people of Barrow have united in their rejection of the ideology of far-right groups, according to the town’s MP, Simon Fell. His comments come in response to a report by anti-racism group Hope not Hate, which revealed that far-right groups, Patriotic Alternative and British First, staged “anti-migrant” demonstrations in Furness three times in 2022.

The report states that many people in the UK are angry, scared, detached, and disillusioned, which has led to the far-right exploiting the situation and working hard to sow fear and discord in communities both online and offline. Despite this, Mr. Fell praised the community in Barrow for rejecting the far-right’s ideology.

However, the report suggests that the issue of asylum seekers is stoking resentment in some communities, and this is being exploited by the far-right. Last year, Britain First activists visited Barrow to film asylum seekers placed in a hotel in the town. The group claimed it had “exposed” the hotel as a site temporarily housing those seeking asylum in the UK. Patriotic Alternative members also journeyed to Barrow to hoist banners campaigning against immigration, but they were told they were “not welcomed” in Furness.

The report suggests that the asylum system is not working, and resentment is being stoked up through small boats and the use of hotels. Mr. Fell said he was pleased that the Prime Minister’s focus is on resolving the issue and that he looks forward to the legislation being announced shortly.

In conclusion, while far-right groups are attempting to sow fear and discord in communities, the people of Barrow have rejected their ideology outright. However, the report highlights the need to address the issue of asylum seekers to prevent resentment from being stoked up in communities.

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