Autism and Us with guests Jemma and Caleb from Autus Cumbria 28 Jan 24

🎙️✨ Catch up with this weeks episode of “Autism and Us” on CandoFM, when  were joined by Jemma and Caleb from Autus Cumbria 🌈📻

👥 Join the conversation as they delved into the incredible work at Autus Cumbria, highlighting upcoming events, valuable training sessions, rewarding volunteering opportunities, and ways to get involved in fundraising efforts. 🤝💙

🧩 Jemma and Caleb opened up about their own autism experiences and stories, providing a unique perspective that fosters understanding and compassion. 🌟🗣️

Don’t miss this enlightening episode, filled with insights, connection, and the power of community. 🎧💖 #AutismAndUs #CandoFM #AutusCumbria #CommunityVoices 📻🌈

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