Appeal to help young people around Morecambe Bay

Local charity Morecambe Bay Partnership is launching a special appeal this month to raise £4000 for young people around Morecambe Bay.


Many young people around Morecambe live within 15 minutes of the coast yet never visit. Poverty, social inequality, no access to transport, limited mobility or poor mental health means they do not have opportunities to get outside and access the health and wellbeing benefits of being outdoors.

The appeal invites people & businesses to give £25 (or what they can) to help more of the Bay’s young people get outdoors and into nature. Money raised will support outdoor learning activities and experiences around Morecambe Bay for those who face challenges in life. Donations will enable young people to benefit from experiences along the amazing coastline of Morecambe Bay where they will learn new skills, feel healthier, feel confident & contribute to the protection of their local coastline.

Being outdoors is proven to boost health. It can relieve mental stress while space to walk and breathe supports physical health. Outdoor learning programmes also build confidence in the outdoors, and a sense of responsibility too – forging future enjoyment and care of our coast and countryside. These visits inspire creativity, imagination and joy for young people with tough lives.


Morecambe Bay Partnership’s CEO, Sarah Mason, says “Morecambe Bay is a breathtaking place. We all share it. But the truth is not everyone can truly experience it and benefit from it. We don’t think that’s fair.  The Bay’s coast and countryside is just not accessible to many young people who are struggling with many challenges at home. Teachers regularly tell us that the ONLY way for young people to visit the coast is through school. By donating £25, those who can afford it will be helping more local families and schools discover Morecambe Bay.”


Morecambe Bay Partnership

Engagement Lead at the charity, Michelle Cooper, says “one boy on a trip wouldn’t get off the coach. He told me he was afraid of wide-open spaces. By the end of the day, he didn’t want to leave. His confidence had been hugely boosted. The Headteacher told me that for many children, the only way they can get out and about is through school activities. Many of the families don’t have cars, they live in flats with no gardens, and the parents don’t want the kids playing in the streets because it isn’t safe. They only time they can explore is through school. We believe every young person around Morecambe Bay should have equal chance to explore the coastline here and benefit from it and a donation of just £25 helps pay for the equipment and transport needed to run these experiences.” .


Thanks to successful grant applications we are just £4k off our target to enable us to run our programme for a year. We’d be hugely grateful if local businesses & residents could give to our outdoor learning fundraising appeal to support this and other projects we run.


To help young people and donate to the appeal visit


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