Andrea in the Afternoon with guest Adult Learning 6 Dec 23

Catch up with Andrea in the Afternoon when she was joined by guest Sarah Mill from Barrow Adult Learning.

Exploring a World of Learning with Barrow Adult Learning: A Conversation with Sarah Mill

In a recent episode of Andrea in the Afternoon, the airwaves were filled with the enthusiasm of learning as Sarah Mill from Barrow Adult Learning joined the show. The conversation delved into the diverse array of courses and educational opportunities available to the community. Let’s take a closer look at what Barrow Adult Learning has to offer:

📚 Course Variety: Barrow Adult Learning caters to learners of all levels and interests. The courses, both qualification and non-qualification, span a wide range of subjects. From skill-building to academic pursuits, there’s something for everyone. The offerings align with the Council Plan 2018-2022 and the Skills Development priorities of Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership.

🌍 Geographical Reach: With around 150 outreach locations, Barrow Adult Learning ensures accessibility. Courses are organized and delivered through Adult Learning Centres and collaborations with specialist sub-contracted providers. The geographical program design reflects local needs, priorities, and interests.

💡 Educational Objectives: The overarching aim is to strengthen and sustain the people and communities of Cumbria through the power of learning. Barrow Adult Learning seeks to provide a high-quality learning experience, relevant programs based on local interests, and foster high-quality partnerships.

🌐 New Challenges, New Chances: Aligned with the government grant received through the Skills Funding Agency, Barrow Adult Learning focuses on utilizing public funds to support those who are disadvantaged. The courses contribute to the objectives of New Challenges, New Chances by widening participation, collecting fees from those who can afford to pay, and transforming destinies through skill development.

👩‍🏫 Expert-Led Learning: Courses are delivered by subject experts with appropriate teaching skills. The emphasis is on providing a supportive learning environment, helping learners acquire skills for employment, self-employment, improving digital literacy, enhancing communication skills, and contributing to overall health and wellbeing.

🤝 Community Impact: Barrow Adult Learning aims to create stronger communities with self-sufficient, connected, and proactive citizens. By focusing on areas such as improving parenting skills, supporting children’s learning, and fostering a sense of community, the organization plays a vital role in community development.

If you’re eager to embark on a learning journey, Barrow Adult Learning is here to guide you. The opportunities are vast, and the benefits are transformative. Tune in to Andrea in the Afternoon to catch up on this insightful conversation and discover the world of learning waiting for you at Barrow Adult Learning! 🎓🌟 #BarrowAdultLearning #EducationForAll #LearningJourney #CommunityImpact

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