All Things Festival with Deb Henry with guest The Aerobees 7 Jun 23

CandoFM, your go-to source for all things community-driven, is excited to announce a thrilling episode of #AllThingsFestival with the sensational local musicians, The Aerobees. Join us for an exclusive interview and an exhilarating discussion as they delve into their latest single “No Angel” and share exciting updates about their upcoming music and gigs.

Hosted by the remarkable Deb Henry, #AllThingsFestival is a must-listen program that uncovers the vibrant local music scene, showcasing talented artists and providing a platform to share their stories. With a blend of engaging conversation, insightful commentary, and exceptional music, this show is a treat for music enthusiasts and community members alike.

Tune in to CandoFM every Wednesday from 6pm to immerse yourself in the magic of #AllThingsFestival. If you miss the initial broadcast, worry not! Catch the repeat airing every Sunday at 1pm to ensure you don’t miss a beat.

The Aerobees, a rising force in the local music landscape, will grace the airwaves with their presence, offering listeners an exclusive glimpse into their creative process, inspirations, and the story behind their latest single, “No Angel.” Be prepared for an authentic and engaging conversation that provides valuable insights into the band’s artistic journey.

In addition to discussing their newest release, The Aerobees will also share exciting news about their upcoming music and gigs. As an emerging local talent, they continue to captivate audiences with their distinct sound and dynamic performances. This is an incredible opportunity for fans and music enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of the band’s vision and connect with their captivating energy.

Join us for this remarkable episode of #AllThingsFestival with The Aerobees on 7 June. Don’t miss out on the chance to support local music and discover the incredible talent within our community.

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