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New Show for 2019…. ‘Bobster on’t Wireless’ Coming Soon….

1 January 2019 CandoFM News

Bob Bell is well known in the area for performing as Acoustic Bobster with Brief Sobriety and also for running and encouraging up and coming performers at his mic nights.

You may also have caught Bob’s live Facebook show the infamous ‘DogHouse’ which has gone from strength to strength with performers delighted with tasty treats from CakeCorner and the Hedgehog and the audience with great chat and music.  This now goes mobile in the summer when Bob runs the DogHouse stage at Croftrock.

Bob is now joining CandoFM with his new show ‘Bobster on’t Wireless’ to discuss all things acoustic along with performances and new features ‘What’s in the biscuit barrel’ and ‘Who’s knocking at the window!’

Tune in weekly from Wednesday 8 January 2019 from 8pm.

Bobster on't Wireless

Bobster on’t Wireless


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