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Furness College Taster Week

8 July 2016 CandoFM News

Here at Furness College we have held Tasters Week, which was an opportunity for the local schools to bring their students into college and get a taste of what we have to offer. The radio station was on the list of a huge array of activities that the students could get stuck in and enjoy. We were based where our studios are in the Ibox and we gave the students the opportunity to learn how to use some of the hardware and software the station uses.


Having Fun

The students were there to learn the software we use to broadcast with and also get hands on with the mixing desk and record sound bites. The students adapted very quickly once realising how to operate the various buttons and faders on the mixing desk and operate the software courtesy of their tutor our very Station Manager Danny Leitch. It was up to him to show these students how to use the gear and then let them have a go themselves.


More the Merrier

We had students from so many schools on each taster day grace us at the station, we had moments where we were tight for space but everyone got a chance to get involved and learn the various pieces of software and hardware we use and maintain their happy faces to what we had to show them. Thankfully we had Air Conditioning to keep everyone nice and cool in such a small studio.


Is that my voice?

One thing any person will agree with is that the sound of their own voice can make people giggle and laugh and does take sometime to get used too. We saw this every time we recorded and then played back a recording of the students and their reactions were priceless.


We Hope People Had Fun!

Once again we hope everyone who came to Furness College had fun and that we look forward to doing this again next year. From all of us here at CandoFM we want to thank everyone for coming!


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