Summer Solstice Starlight Swim

Event Details

Our Summer Solstice Starlight Swim takes place on Saturday June 18th on Lake Windermere with the wonderful backdrop of the mountains in the Distance. It is a fun, non competitive swim with all swimmers having the option of a Pimms after their swim to take in the night sky of one of the longest days of the year.
This is a wild swim in semi darkness with your Glow in the Dark Bands (kept as memento) and the lights on the buoys to guide you… “Pure Swimming” at its finest….
It is a non competitive swim in a marked safety zone with Kayak safety and swimmers have a choice of how many laps they wish to do in 30 mins.
Wetsuits are optional if water over 16 degrees, but you must use a tow float if no wetsuit.
Age 15 + – Under 18 need parental consent & must wear a wetsuit. Will accept 14 year olds if a club level swimmer.
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