Catflea Massacre: some say he was born of royalty, some say he’s just an idiot with great style.

We at CandoFM know both are true. Playing all sub genres from early Ska, the first realisation of Reggae, through to exclusive access to pre-release albums, Catflea Massacre surprises and titivates the Presenters chair, which he adorns with parades of pork pies.

In a rare and glorious moment Mr Massacre (as he asks us to call him) said, the show is “A torrential tirade of totally tip top tunes to tantalise the tastebuds and tickle the tympanic membrane. So, tie in tightly, turn turtle and tie dye a tank top.” As they say, ‘he’s an idiot’.

Ska and Reggae show 2nd February 2021

schedule of CatFlea Massacre
  • Tuesday: Ska and Reggae Show
    08 : 00 pm
    10 : 00 pm
  • Thursday: Dub City
    9 : 00 pm
    10 : 00 pm

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