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BBC Documentary – Shout-Outs

2 March 2018 CandoFM News

BBC are working on a series about life in austerity Britain and they are looking to gather stories of people affected by austerity.

The BBC are making a new four-part documentary series for BBC2 looking at how we live and work in Britain today. The series will explore what life is like when you’re working all hours but can’t afford a decent standard of living.

The BBC are filming across the UK, following a wide range of people who work in both public and private sector jobs from nurses and teachers, to Uber drivers, factory workers and farmers. The aim of the series is to give a snapshot of Britain and an insight into how we juggle work, finances and home life in 2018.

As part of this the BBC would like people to call in and leave them a message telling them about their individual situation and are looking to hear from as many people as possible who are in work and trying to make ends meet.