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About Us

As an Ofcom licenced community radio station, CandoFM is proud to be involved with the local community in a variety of ways.

Here at CandoFM we’re able to offer a platform for community organisations, to give them a voice.

If you’re a member of a community organisation, a local charity, a local sports team, and you’d like to be involved with your local community radio station, get in touch via the contact us page.

CandoFM exists to serve the local community

“To inform and entertain”

“To promote aspiration”

“To provide opportunity”

“To provide a platform for the local community”

Thanks to some very generous grants from our local County Councillors, CandoFM has been able to provide several local schools with their own broadcasting suites. The equipment is used as a ‘blogging station’, allowing radio teams in schools to record their own programmes, to be aired on 106.3 FM.

From 12pm to 1pm every weekday, the CandoFM School Takeover sees local children on the air, talking about what’s going on in their schools, and the local area, informing you about the weather, and curating the best selection of music. Through involvement with their local radio station, we’ve seen local children grow in confidence, and learn a variety of transferable skills which will help them throughout their educational career, and in the world of work.

Obtaining a career in the media can be very difficult, with fierce competition for the most basic of entry-level positions. Having experience of working in the media is vital, and is often the difference on a CV that sets applicants. We’re proud to be able to offer young people the opportunity to learn media skills, to hone their talents, and to act as a springboard for their aspirations.

Special thanks to –

Councillor Anne Burns for the grant for St James’ School

Councillor Frank Cassidy for the grant for South Walney Junior School

Councillor Barry Doughty for the grant for Dowdales School

Councillor Bill McEwan for the grant for Ormsgill Nursery & Primary School and Victoria Academy

Councillor John Murphy for the grant for Furness Academy

Councillor Mel Worth for the grant for Walney School