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Peter Digs A Den – illustrated children’s book – Interview

17 May 2017 News

Here at CandoFM we had the privilege of inviting Amy Stretch-Parker into the studio for an interview, which will be aired on Wednesday 17th May between 3pm & 4pm on Justin Cooke’s DriveTime show.

She was invited to share with us her exciting children’s book called “Peter Digs A Den”.  The book has also been designed and drawn by close friend Kate Brunskil, which we have also provided a link at the bottom so you can look at some of her amazing work.

Her artwork is also on sale at: https://www.facebook.com/incenseandpeppermintsboutique/ 

Kate Brunskil -Artwork

Peter Digs A Den is a beautifully illustrated children’s book told in rhyme, written by Amy Stretch-Parker and illustrated by Kate Brunskill. It’s the story of a small  boy with a big idea. Peter has a dream, to build a den big enough for his entire family (and all their pets) to sleep in. He works hard to get the money to buy the tools he needs and works even harder to achieve his goal.

We are looking for backers to help make our dream a reality, to help us dig our den. The text is written, the characters formed and a plan is in place to self publish by October 2017. Once the book is completed we intend to take it to schools, festivals, and children’s organisations and to run creativity workshops which we hope will inspire children to get outside, get creative and find their passion.

Katy Brunskill Facebook Page with Artwork – https://www.facebook.com/wolftownart/

Please if you can head over to her kickstarter page and lend your support to this talented duo out with their amazing project:

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/977049946/peter-digs-a-den-illustrated-childrens-book?token=3c985491